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Here are some answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Provided In The Homes - What Do I Need To Bring?
All homes are completely furnished and equipped with linens, towels, all kitchen utensils including plates, cups, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, bake-ware. We also have items such as hair dryer, iron and ironing board. It would be very hard to list every item in the homes we have tried to make your stay a home away from home. Homes are stocked with soap, toilet paper and garbage bags upon your arrival, however replacement of these items during your stay is your responsibility.
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What Type Of Phone System Is Available?
Each home has at least one telephone for outgoing as well as incoming calls. Local calls and 800 numbers are free. Calls to Orlando, long distance or international calls will be blocked, which means they can only be made with the use of a credit or calling card. Calling cards are readily available at local gas stations and a majority of shops, this is the most cost effective way of making long distance telephone calls


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What About Internet Access?
Bringing your computer on vacation? Many of our homes are equipped with a high speed broadband internet either via either net cable or wireless. Ask your booking specialist if the home has a connection avaiable for your use.

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Is Maid Service Included?
All homes are "Self-Catering". The home will be clean upon guest arrival and cleaned again upon guest departure. For cleaning convenience, the homes are equipped with washer and dryer, dishwasher, vacuum, brushes, mop, etc. We will gladly provide daily or weekly maid service for an additional fee. This service can be arranged directly with any of the Florida 5 Star staff members at check-in.
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How Does The Security Deposit Work?
A Security deposit is required on every rental, regardless of the duration. The amount will be $250 for 3-4 bedroom homes and $350 for 5-7 Bedroom homes. The Deposit is paid either by a credit card imprint / hold or a check made out To Florida 5 Star Inc.. This sum will be in addition to the final balance and is fully refundable, should the occupants not incur any costs arising from breakage loss or damage and any and all keys have been returned. This is taken in the form of an imprint and approval on a credit card upon arrival and is released upon departure providing there is not any damage or theft in the home. If the guest does not have a credit card, a Cash / Check deposit is required; this will be refunded by mail within 30 days of departure.
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Are The Pools Heated?
The majority of our rental home pools has heat available. POOL HEAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL RATE. Pool heat cannot be switched on until full payment has been made. A Florida 5 Star representative will turn the heat on upon your request & payment. The pool will take approximately 5 to 8 hours to heat up to a temperature of 80-82 degrees. The Swimming Pool and Spa heaters are designed to maintain an appropriate water temperatures throughout the year; however severe cold winter temperatures may result in lower water temperatures. Also note Pool heating is not recommended during the summer months.
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Florida Climate & Dress
The following is a guide to the type of temperatures you can expect on your holiday.
SPRING: March - May
High temperatures in the upper 80's, possible lows 50's. Wear shorts and light clothing for daytime. Light sweater for cooler evenings.
SUMMER: June - September
Daily high temperatures in upper 90's with evening temperatures averaging 70's. Thunderstorms and showers likely in afternoons usually lasting about one hour. Wear shorts and light clothing. Sun protection is a MUST.
AUTUMN: October - Mid December
Daily temperatures around 89's with evenings in the 60's. Light clothing should be worn in the daytime with sweater or jacket for evenings.
WINTER: Mid December - February
Daily high temperatures in the 60's to 70's with lows in the 40's. Shorts and light clothing may be worn in the daytime with jacket or light coat for evening wear.
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Florida Driving
In Florida unless otherwise stated, you may turn RIGHT at a RED traffic light providing of course that it is safe to do so and you must turn on your headlights when driving in rain or reduced visibility. . When going to Gas /Petrol stations, you may be required to pay before filling up.
If the police for any reason stop you you must stay in your vehicle until the officer comes to you. Do not attempt to get out of the car.
If you do not have both your driving license and rental agreement with you, you can be fined. Should you have an accident, you MUST report it to the local Police. You must not leave the scene of an accident and you must ask for a copy of the report for your car rental company. You should then telephone your car rental company and advise them of the situation
NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE: You are not allowed to drink and drive. It is illegal in the State of Florida to visibly carry alcohol or to have an opened container of alcohol in the vehicle.
You are required to STOP if a school bus stops, even if you are on the other side of the road. It is illegal to overtake a school bus when it is stopped for loading or unloading passengers. You should remain stationary until all the children are clear of the road and the bus has moved off. When entering a school district, watch out for reduced speed signs.

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Banks, Credit Cards
Banks are normally open between 09:00 and 16:00 Monday through Friday and close on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Larger branches operate a "drive through" service on Saturdays.
Most Banks will accept credit cards for cash advances or Travelers Checks. Cash advances can be obtained from the ATM machines if you have your PIN number. Travelers Checks are accepted in all shops although you should avoid higher denominations.
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Florida Sales Tax
Is not included in prices in the shops and will be added on at the checkout. At present, 6% tax is added to all purchases in Orange County and 7% in Osceola County.
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Postage Stamps
You may go to any of the local post Offices Or Stamps are available from vending machines located within almost every shop and supermarket.
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